Alluminio nei vaccini - nuovo studio

Sezione riservata alla segnalazione di effetti indesiderati o inefficacia di terapie o interventi diagnostici.

Alluminio nei vaccini - nuovo studio

Messaggiodi Dr.Ascani il lun dic 26, 2016 11:52 pm

Nuovo studio di Neil Z. Miller riguardante recenti ricerche in merito alla presenza di alluminio nei vaccini pubblicato sul Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.

Aluminum in Childhood Vaccines is Unsafe



Aluminum adjuvants are added to several vaccines to elicit a more robust immune response and increase vaccine efficacy. Infants and young children throughout the world receive high quantities of aluminum from multiple inoculations. Incremental changes to the vaccination schedule during the past several years significantly increased the quantity of aluminum in childhood shots.
Numerous studies provide compelling evidence that injected aluminum can be detrimental to health. Aluminum is capable of remaining in cells long after vaccination and may cause neurologic and autoimmune disorders. During early development, the child’s brain is more susceptible to toxins and the kidneys are less able to eliminate them. Thus, children have a greater risk than adults of adverse reactions to aluminum in vaccines. Millions of children every year are injected with vaccines containing mercury and aluminum despite well-established experimental evidence of the potential for additive or synergistic toxicity when an organism is exposed to two or more toxic metals. Dr. Haley’s study in which cultured neurons died at an accelerated rate following concurrent exposure to aluminum and thimerosal provides evidence of an enhanced detrimental effect. In addition, aluminum toxicity levels published by FDA indicate that two-month-old babies who are vaccinated according to CDC guidelines may be receiving quantities of aluminum that are significantly higher than safety levels.

Toxic metals such as aluminum do not belong in prophylactic medications administered to children, teenagers, or adults. Vaccines are normally recommended for healthy people, so safety (and efficacy) standards must be impeccable. Parents, especially, should not be compelled to permit their loved ones to receive multiple injections of toxic metals that could increase their risk of neurodevelopmental and autoimmune ailments. Safe alternatives to current disease prevention technologies are urgently needed.

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